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Rock n Roll SL strap, for Leica SL . - Tie Her Up camera straps - 1

Rock n Roll SL strap, for Leica SL .


Rock n Roll SL strap.

The  Leica SL is a superb camera, heavy though and with the zoom lens even heavier . The strap lugs are in different position and it cant receive split rings like the Leica M cameras .

The straps designed for it have  to be made to be sturdy and durable and with no metal or plastic connectors or regulators on it,  as there is danger of injuring the body of the SL. 

The strap, because of its structure , works as a shock absorber . Most of our clients underline that! Even in have camera - lens combinations.

Jonathan P. says: Most comfortable strap ever! Distributes the weight of a heavy camera for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, don't slip and don't abrade. Always get compliments on the RnR strap. . . Now have one for each of my cameras!

"The wide width supports the weight of heavy prime lenses extremely well, and its stylish weave adds elasticity. Made of premium soft leather, it is soft and cushioning around the neck. Super! Super product! Can't recommend it enough!"  says Avi G. on one of the reviews you can read under. Helmut H.underlines: "My camera seems to have less weight." Yannis M writes in his review: "The rock n roll is perfect for a dslr as it works a bit like a suspension, not to mention the style which is unique and that intrigued me to get the strap."

Our first strap for the Leica SL is a continuation of our Rock n Roll Strap collection, but made with different leather and it consists only from leather parts, NO PLASTIC and NO METAL on it!

It comes in Black  and  Red leather   and two lengths, 100cm and 125 cm.

There is also a special edition of the Rock n Roll SL strap that comes in a fantastic, natural colour pull up leather (special wax treatment)!

It ships in a Linen Folio.




Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews Write a review

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